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AI-powered, secure, and easy to use email trusted by billions of businesses.

Let's start with Gmail, your clinic's new communication hub. With Gmail, enjoy seamless email communication within your team and with patients, ensuring important messages never get lost in the shuffle. Say goodbye to inbox clutter with powerful organisation features and priority filters, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional care. 



Next up is Google Drive, your clinic's secure data fortress. Bid farewell to scattered files and endless search quests. With Google Drive, access and share patient records, treatment plans, and administrative documents with ease. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your clinic's data is protected by Google's robust security measures, including encrypted storage and multi-factor authentication. 

But communication goes beyond emails and data storage, which is where Google Chat steps in. Say hello to real-time collaboration and instant communication. Whether you need to discuss patient cases with colleagues or coordinate appointments with your front desk staff, Google Chat keeps everyone connected and informed. From one-on-one chats to group discussions, streamline communication and foster teamwork like never before. 


By integrating Gmail, Drive, and Chat into your clinic's daily operations, Google Workspace empowers your team to communicate effectively, store data securely, and collaborate seamlessly. Say hello to a new era of productivity and efficiency, where your clinic can thrive and focus on providing top-notch care to your patients. 



Google Tasks integration across Google Docs, Sheets, and Chat offers a streamlined and efficient approach to task management for your chiropractic clinic, significantly reducing time spent on administrative duties and enhancing overall productivity. 


Firstly, the integration with Google Docs allows you to seamlessly create and assign tasks directly within documents. Whether it's updating patient treatment plans or drafting clinic protocols, you can easily convert action items into tasks without disrupting your workflow. This integration ensures that tasks are captured and tracked in real-time, eliminating the need for separate task lists or manual entry. 

Google Spaces in Chat provides dedicated areas for organising discussions, files, and tasks around specific topics or projects. Within these Spaces, clinic staff can collaborate on various initiatives, such as organising patient events, launching marketing campaigns, or implementing new treatment protocols. Each Space acts as a centralised hub where team members can share updates, brainstorm ideas, and assign tasks related to the project at hand. 


By integrating Google Tasks into Spaces, clinic staff can create, assign, and track tasks directly within Space conversations. This integration allows for seamless task management within the context of ongoing discussions, ensuring that action items are clearly communicated and addressed in a timely manner. Whether it's following up on patient inquiries, conducting staff training sessions, or updating clinic policies, tasks can be easily created and managed within the relevant Space, keeping everyone aligned and accountable. 



Securing the integrity of you business day-to-day documents

Keep your files and business operation protected, up to date, and easily accessible across all multiple sites and users.


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